Please use the folling resources for more information:

Memorial Services:
Set to begin at
3:30pm on Saturday, March 5th
In the Flagship Room at the Chase House at Mill Falls in
Meredith, New Hampshire
Call 1-800-622-6455 for questions or for lodging reservations.

The Mill Falls facility also has lodging available, and has extended a special rate for the Memorial event this weekend. To get this rate, please refer to the "Heather Donahue Memorial" when you call for reservations. 1-800-622-6455

Other lodging options are possible, thanks to families and friends of Heather and Chris, who have offered up their homes and spare bedrooms to make long journeys more comfortable. Please inquire on the message board and leave your email or phone number, and someone will contact you with details.

General Contact:
1-800-622-6455 - Mill Falls General Line - Email with questions/comments aout this site.